Woodwarm Stoves

For over 40 years Woodwarm have handcrafted stoves in the heart of the Devon countryside.

Their passion for quality, design and the environment has helped them produce a range of wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves that combine state of the art efficiency with reduced pollution to create really environmentally friendly stoves.

Woodwarm stoves are constructed with steel and cast iron and have stainless steel fittings. Each one individually built by craftsmen and rigorously tested to ensure consistent quality.

They are also passionate about design and detail and have created a range of innovative, contemporary and traditional stoves that will provide the focal point of any home.

All Woodwarm stoves feature advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear at all times, even at low temperatures. Superior clean burn efficiency means more heat is achieved on less fuel, which in turn reduces flue problems.

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Woodwarm Stoves

Wood Burning

Woodwarm Stoves