Chimney Sweep

Chimney Cleaning

We provide a wide range of chimney cleaning services, from a simple sweep and test, to thorough vacuuming and inspection and complete relining. Our professional team ensure there are no issues or damage to your chimney and can install a fully guaranteed flue lining system to keep it working its best for years to come.

Our courteous and professional chimney cleaners have years of experience and can complete a clean in as little as 30 minutes, including a free clean-up service. We can schedule an annual clean for your chimney which is recommended by HETAS, or book in for a one-off clean and test if you haven't used your fireplace for a long time.

We regularly repair cracks and holes, remove bird's nests and enhance the extraction capabilities of domestic chimneys to ensure the safety and reliability of your smoke extraction. To improve the air quality in your home and prevent chimney fires, contact a member of the Chesham Chimney Sweeps team today.

Our Prices

Sweep £85.00
Removing Obstructions £125.00 (for the first 2 hours £80.00 for each hour or part of thereafter)

Please ring for further pricing and details including camera inspections and smoke tests.

Sweeping & Maintenance
Sweeping & Maintenance

Chimney Repairs

No matter how often you have your chimney cleaned and inspected, it is inevitable that after years of use, it will develop problems that will need the attention of a chimney repairs expert. Whether you have a problem with downdraught or lack of pull, or even too much pull; need your brickwork re-pointing and restoring to ensure its stability; or have an unknown blockage that needs clearing - our chimney repairs team have the skills and experience to find an innovative, effective and reliable repairs solution to restore its full and safe function. Our camera equipment allows us to carry out chimney inspections and full surveys in order to determine the cause and location of any problems.

This will ensure that nothing is overlooked, even if it's simply a case of a birds nest causing a slight obstruction and creating a potential hazard, we'll ensure that it is quickly dealt with before it becomes a major problem for you. We can also provide a range of preventative solutions such as cleaning your chimney or fitting a chimney cowl to avoid birds nesting and downdraught, as well as stopping the elements from affecting the flue and fireplace.

For more information about chimney repairs, or any of the other services which we provide in and around Herts, Buckinghamshire, speak to a member of the team today.

Chimney Cowls and Fans

A chimney cowl can provide the perfect solution if you are having problems with downdraught or up-draught, as they will increase the pull in the chimney for better extraction of fumes and smoke. They are also ideal if you have problems with birds nesting in your chimney or debris falling in, as they provide great protection from the elements. Here at The Chesham Chimney Sweeps, we can provide a range of chimney cowls that are both functional and attractive.

Our expert team can ensure that you get the perfect chimney cowl for your needs and provide the highest standard of installation to ensure that you have a long lasting, durable and functional solution for your chimney. We even install and repair flue liners to ensure an unrestricted airflow, allowing for the best extraction and an efficiently functioning chimney.

For persistent downdraught problems the ultimate solution is a chimney fan. Although not a cheap option a fan does provide a guaranteed solution to any poor draught issues

Our friendly team are waiting to help you today, simply or give us a ring to find out more or to get a free quote for your new chimney cowl or fan

Sweeping & Maintenance
Sweeping & Maintenance
Sweeping & Maintenance