The Fire Place Chesham offers a complete professional installation service from survey and quote, though to a commisioned and certified installation. For the majority of installations this work can all be completed in one day.

No chimney, No problem!

Twin wall flues

Wishing you had a fire but have no chimney or have a fireplace but not where you want it? Well, there's good news in the form of twin wall flue systems. These are specifically designed to exhaust combustion gases from any type of appliance where there are no existing flue ways. In other words, no chimney no problem!

Twin wall rigid sectional pipe is constructed of two layers of 316 grade stainless steel which are separated by 25mm of insulation, keeping the majority of the heat inside the flue and the outside layer at a reasonable temperature. This also has its benefits when efficiency is taken into consideration.
The greatest benefit of a twin wall flue system is that it gives you options you probably didn't think you had.

If you are worried about seeing a stainless steel tube running through your house, don't... our team of twin wall flue system experts can construct an artificial chimney breast to encase the flue way so no one ever need know your chimney isn't real!

For any questions about the twin wall flue system please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Flue Liners

A flue liner can be the ideal solution if your chimney has a lot of debris falling down it, is damaged, is getting regularly blocked or not extracting all of the smoke properly. Once installed, a flue lining will create a clear and unrestricted chimney passage that increases pull and ensures that none of the potentially harmful fumes escape into your home through cracks or holes in the brickwork.

The Chesham Chimney Sweeps can supply your flue lining as part of a brand-new flue system, including flue terminals and fittings. Our expert team are fully trained and experienced and will assure you of a completely professional and reliable installation that will protect and prolong the life of your chimney.

Simply give us a call to find out more. Our friendly team will be happy to offer you expert advice and a free quote.

Power Flues

A chimney fan is used to extract smoke and fumes from your home when there is no normal flue system in your fireplace. The fumes can exit out of the rear or side to an outside wall, or through the roof, making it the perfect choice if you have no chimney breast or normal fireplace.

At The Chesham Chimney Sweeps, we specialise in custom-made power flue systems to match any fireplace or stove that you may wish to use. Whether it is an antique fireplace or more modern, contemporary 'hole in the wall' fireplace, we can design and manufacture a flue system that's suitable.

The fan unit helps to maintain a smoke-free, odour-free indoor climate and means that you can choose any style of fireplace or stove and have it installed in a position that suits you. This is because the chimney fan will ensure optimal draft, irrespective of weather conditions and location.

Flue Booster Power Flue fans enable your chimney to work more effectively and to ease the lighting and continued use of solid fuel fires, whilst also stopping smoke from spilling into the room. It also ensures optimal combustion and prevents ash and dust being blown into the room.

The chimney fan is an electrically powered fan unit which can be placed either vertically or horizontally on an outside wall or roof to suit your requirements. It's operated by a wall switch that would normally be next to the fireplace. Once the fan is switched on it will send a message to a solenoid valve for gas, LPG and oil powered fires and stoves, preventing you from turning your fire or stove on without the fan to remove the dangerous combustion fumes. For solid fuel fires you would need to turn the fan on prior to starting the fire.

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