Salamander Stoves

Small Stoves for Small Spaces...

Only 302mm wide, 272mm deep and 465mm high the Hobbit stove can fit in small fireplaces, shepherds huts, canal boats, garden rooms, tiny homes... indeed any situation where space is at a premium.

The Hobbit

This small stove is suitable for a wide range of applications and was designed by us especially to fit the small spaces and fireplaces where other stoves just will not fit. Our aim was to design and build a quality small stove with all of the essential features and attributes of top rated efficient large stoves.

The Hobbit small stove fits neatly in tiny homes, small fireplaces, canal boats, cabins, garden rooms, shepherds huts and other small spaces. A solid small multi fuel compact stove that will give you a lifetime of reliable heat.

The Salamander Little Range stove

This new mini stove-range is based around our little stove but is more like a mini cooking range. Manufactured and tested to the same high standards as our stove the mini range is perfect for supplying heat, cooking and hot water for your cabin, tiny home or indeed any off grid space. It is also another option for a medium sized fireplace where you want more than just heat. A farmhouse kitchen inglenook for example. Due to its compact size it is also ideal for fitting in canal boats, larger wagons or shepherd's huts.

Salamander Stoves