Arada Stoves

Arada have proudly been producing stoves for a long time. Their experienced team of engineers, designers and fabricators have been based at their Axminster site for almost two decades, but the company history actually goes back over half a century. They didn't become the UK's No.1 Manufacturer of stoves overnight. But from day one, their stoves have had the authenticity you'd expect from a company rooted in rural Devon.

They design and manufacture stoves. Focusing on producing the most desirable, efficient and lowest emission heating appliances to complement any cosy home. So choose a stove that is perfectly designed for the British home and way of life. Please get in contact to discuss your stove needs further.

Wood Burner

Looking for a stove that burns wood log fuel cleanly and efficiently?


Looking for a stove that can burn either wood logs or solid fuel?


Instant heat that is simple to control.