Ludlow smoke exempt


Defra Smoke Exempt

The Ludlow SE is a dedicated smoke exempt version of the highly popular Ludlow stove. The low particulate emissions from the SE model mean that it is fully approved to burn wood in smoke exempt zones, typically associated with urban centres of population.

Equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting, the Ludlow SE offers understated style, classic design and exquisite detail.

The Ludlow SE is a medium-sized wood-burning stove. The nominal heat output is 6.5kW from wood, increasing to a maximum of 9.9kW with 76.2% efficiency.

Like all AGA stoves, it benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System - cutting-edge technology that optimises heat performance, reduces harmful emissions and keeps the stove window clean so you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a real fire.

The beauty of the Ludlow SEstove is in its simplicity. Not only is it easy to use, it is incredibly easy to clean too, thanks to its removable shaker grate, ash pan, fire fence and ash tray. Available in matt black.

Recommended fuel type:
Dry seasoned wood

Unpacked Dimensions
Height 588mm
Width 454mm
Depth 456mm
Weight 77kg
Height To Centre Of Rear Flue 469mm

Flue Requirement Class I

Nominal Heat Output
Wood - Space 6.5kW

Wood 76%
Smoke exempt Yes

Airwash Yes

Wood Yes

Top Yes

Free Standing Yes

Matt Yes

Room Heater Yes